We’re very excited to have our participating gymnasts and their guests experience our special boutique meet.


Through the creativity and hard-work of our team families and Liberty Gymnastics staff, the Gypsy Invite had evolved over 15 years from just a simple compulsory meet, into the fun and festive event it is today - including: a great concession stand, a boutique bazaar, online ticket sales, and a personalized keepsake program.

The 2021 Laurie Hernandez Champions Challenge is a women's artistic gymnastics championship hosted by LR Productions.


The Laurie Hernandez Champions Challenge will be held December 18-19, 2021. Finalists for the Laurie Hernandez Champions Challenge will be selected  from a series of qualifiers across the United States & Puerto Rico.  Levels 1-10 & all Xcel divisions are eligible to qualify.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit Puerto Rico & the Puerto Rico Gymnastics Federation.  YOU GOT THIS! 

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