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Achieving Together


Liberty Gymnastics began as an idea in August 2005 when twenty-one families, four incredible coaches, and their gymnasts decided to work together to create a gymnastics training center grounded in a strong sense of family, structured around a unique coaching philosophy, and highlighted with efforts, talents, and dedication from all members - young and old. These families began with a blank canvas and an idea. They gathered together, brain-stormed, and the idea began taking shape.  Soon each person was adding their own colorful talent and contribution to the Liberty Gymnastics canvas.

Radiant colors of a business plan that could carefully serve each gymnast and their family housed in an empty, white-walled, cement-floored building once used as a gymnastics facility became the first coat. Finding the right state-of-the-art equipment was added on next. The most incredible splash of colors came when the coaches, children, and parents with full-time jobs found time in the wee hours of the weeknights and the long weekend hours to work together. They tore down and painted walls, rewired the electricals, installed new flooring, and refaced the interior of the building as they waited for equipment to arrive. Lots of hard work, energy, and dedication flowed onto the canvas.

Even when complications and seemingly impossible situations arose, the word ‘impossible’ never made it into the vocabulary of this group of “we-can-do-anything-as-long-as-we’re-doing-it-together” families. These situations quickly gave way to the will of this dedicated group. High-tech equipment began arriving, and after only 1 ½ months from its inception, beautiful images on the canvas started to form by September 17, 2005 - when Liberty Gymnastics held their first team practice on a beautiful Saturday morning.

On October 15, 2005, Liberty Gymnastics opened the doors to share their newly completed masterpiece. With wet paint still drying on some of the walls, children and families from the community were welcomed with open arms at the Grand Opening Celebration to join this dynamic group of amazing people. By the end of the day, another artistic element was boldly painted onto the Liberty Gymnastics portrait – a visible recreational gymnastics program.

Sixteen years have passed, the paint has dried, and Liberty Gymnastics’ work of art is now a warm and pleasant experience to behold. What used to be home to 26 gymnasts is now home to approximately 1,000. The first year of business gave the many artists involved the realization that the painting is a constantly evolving work of art. New layers of color are constantly added. Factors in Liberty Gymnastics’ external and internal environments constantly motivate artists to change and develop the details in artistic expression. With efforts, talents, and creativity drawn from everyone that sets foot in the 20,000 sq. ft. canvas, the Liberty Gymnastics masterpiece will hopefully leave a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of many who have taken the time to experience it.

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