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Mission & Philosophy


Our Mission

  • Liberty Gymnastics is devoted to nurturing the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.

  • We encourage academic excellence from each of our athletes.

  • We challenge each child to achieve personal victories through our specially designed progressive curriculum.

  • We affirm each child’s unique special nature and developing self-worth.

  • We maintain a safe, clean, and family-oriented environment.

  • We are dedicated to giving children experiences to positively impact their lives today and in the future.


Our Philosophy

We pursue excellence in its purest form. We believe that only through achieving together can we realize the fullest potential in each one of us. The innate desires of goodness, greatness, and integrity in each parent, child, coach, and staff member in our Liberty Gymnastics family embodies our culture and philosophy.


Liberty Gymnastics is a sanctuary where we are all free to express our individuality. We share our unique talents within the realm of mutual respect, kindness and fairness to ultimately benefit the children at Liberty Gymnastics. Honesty and trust can flourish without fear of vulnerability to one’s self-respect.


We welcome all to be a part of our family. 

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