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A $50/Family registration fee is due at initial registration and on your family registration anniversary thereafter. This fee will be charged to your credit card at the time Liberty Gymnastics' Welcome Center completes the registration process.

No-Obligation Trial Class

Liberty Gymnastics offers a no-obligation trial class. If the trial student is not 100% happy with his or her trial class and decides not to join the class, there is no fee for that class. If the trial student decides to enroll in that class, tuition and registration, including the trial class fee, will be charged. Due to COVID-19, all enrollments must be conducted online at this time. Please enroll online and complete this registration process including entering payment information. Fees will be charged once your child is enrolled in a class.


For New Enrollment, tuition is prorated based on the number of classes remaining in the current session. When you submit your registration, the front office will post an invoice to your account and send you an email confirmation within 72 hours.


Recreational/Preschool/Tot tuition is based on a 4-week session. Session dates can be found on Liberty's website at www.libertygymtrainingcenter.com. For any classes that do not meet 4 times in a given session due to gym closures (Holiday, Special Event, etc.), we will prorate tuition for that session. There is a nominal annual tuition increase each year effective September 1st.

Tuition Discounts: Tuition discounts will be applied at the time the front office completes your registration.

  • Sibling Discount: 5% Off lesser tuition for second sibling; 10% Off lesser tuition for third sibling; 15% Off lesser tuition for third sibling; and so on...

  • Multiple Class Discount: 25% off lesser tuition for second, third, etc class tuition.


A valid credit card must be entered when registering in order to enroll in a class. Students are automatically enrolled in the same class for the next session and invoices are posted to your account and sent to your email address on file two weeks in advance of the upcoming session. Payment will be made automatically to pay off your account balance one week (7 days) prior to the start of the session with your credit card information that was submitted during enrollment. A student will not be allowed to participate in class if tuition has not been paid. A $25 fee will be applied to all returned checks and must be paid by cash or credit card.



LGTC reserves the right to cancel a student’s membership at any time.


Students should wear proper workout attire (leotards, T-shirt and shorts), bare feet (no shoes and socks), hair tied back, and no jewelry.


Cubbies are available to store personal items for the duration of the class/event. Parents/guardians should keep any valuables in their possession and not in the cubbies. Liberty is not responsible for any valuables lost or stolen.

Dropping a Class

If a student wishes to drop a class, the student must drop at least 8 days before the start of the session. Session start dates can be found on our homepage. To drop a student, login to your customer portal from the libertygymtrainingcenter.com website and submit a drop request. Another option is to send an email through Contact Us with the drop information. Verbal drops are not allowed. Half (50%) tuition is credited to your account for late drops.


Transfers can occur after the last class of a given 4-week session by calling the Welcome Center at (925) 687-8009. Mid-session transfers are not allowed at this time.

Make-Up Policy

There are no make-ups or refunds for missed classes. Attending regularly scheduled classes gives children familiarity and consistency that allows them to build confidence and have a better overall gymnastics experience.

Health & Safety

Liberty Gymnastics has modified its operation, facilities, and protocols (Protocols) to meet or exceed Contra Costa County health guidelines relating to COVID-19 and to create safe environments for staff and students/customers. The health and wellness of your child and our staff is our number one priority. Below are more details about Liberty Gymnastics' operations, protocols, and expectations of our customers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These operations, protocols, and/or expectations may change when new guidelines are released.

Pick-Up / Drop-Off & Hand Washing Station

At this time all classes will be drop-off and pick-up only to reduce person to person interactions. Observing classes from within our facilities, Buildings A and B2/B3 (also known as Gym A and Gym B, respectively), are currently suspended. At the normal entrance of Gym A and Gym B, there are social distancing marks on the ground and a hand washing station for use before entering and after leaving our facilities. Children arriving for class must maintain social distancing. All children must wash hands with soap and water for 30 seconds prior to entering the facility through the main double door entrance. Parents may assist children to wash their hands or enter the facility and the coach will be at the entrance to gather the students. Recreational students (ages 6+) leave the gym through the main double door entrance/exit. Hatchling and Sparrow students leave the gym at the Preschool waiting room exit on the SW corner of Gym A (supervised by their coach). Contact our Liberty Welcome Center by telephone at (925) 687-8009 or by email - info@libertygymtraningcenter.com to answer any questions you may have or if you would like to schedule a tour of the facility.

Spot TV

Spot TV has been installed so parents can view their child's class from their mobile device remotely. Go to SpotTV.pro to register for Spot TV. Access to Spot TV will be available within 48 hours after completing Spot TV's registration and Liberty Gymnastics' class registration.

COVID-19 Business Operation Protocols:

Staggered Arrival Times

To minimize group overlap and interaction when entering the facility, class start times may be staggered by at least 15 minutes. Students will have a 15 minute window to arrive for class (5 minutes before and 10 minutes after start time).


Any student that arrives more than 10 minutes AFTER the scheduled start of his/her class will not be allowed to enter that day. Students that arrive earlier than 5 minutes before class will be asked to stay in their car until 5 minutes before class start time.

Symptom Check

Parents and students must self check for symptoms BEFORE entering the Liberty Gymnastics facilities by answering our COVID-19 Screening Questions each day. Students may participate in class ONLY if they pass our COVID-19 Screening questions symptom checklist. Our COVID-19 Screening questions will be posted on a sandwich board at the entrance to the hand washing station. Copies of our COVID-19 Screening questions are available upon request.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Students with underlying medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to a COVID-19 or coronavirus infection must not participate in Liberty classes without the written permission of a doctor. If your child has any such conditions, please inform Liberty promptly, and provide Liberty with written permission from your doctor, as well as any additional precautions that should be taken for your child's health and safety.

Face Masks

Masks must be worn by all children when entering the building and in common areas, but are not required to wear a mask while working out. Staff will wear masks at all times in common areas and on the gym floor.

Social Distancing

Students will maintain a distance of at least 6' from all other persons in their class. Liberty Gymnastics will be operating in a social distancing environment but even with the best efforts and intentions there will be times when the students and coaches will breach the 6' distancing recommendation.


Our teaching and coaching staff will spot (physically assist) when circumstances require it. Spotting our students is often necessary in order to teach skills safely, help students perform skills correctly, and prevent injury. I understand and agree that spotting will be part of the learning process at Liberty Gymnastics and I agree to permit my child's coach to physically assist my child when needed. Direct assistance will also be provided in the event of an injury.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Liberty Gymnastics will follow reasonable cleaning/sanitation practices and follow orders/guidelines provided by CCC Health Department. Cleaning stations have been set up throughout the gym to facilitate regular hand sanitizing and area/equipment sanitizing. Gym areas and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized during the 15 minute break between classes. Common areas such as cubbies, bathrooms and the welcome center will be cleaned and sanitized routinely.

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