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Boys 1

Age: 6 and up

Class time: 55 minutes

Through the art of gymnastics, we have fun building confidence (and muscles)! This class focuses on basic gymnastics skill development, strength training with proper form and technique, and of course, having fun!


Each class begins with mild stretching and a fun agility warm-up that includes strength training. Each week, we’ll work three of the six boy’s events: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar.


We want the boys to experience the satisfaction that comes with facing new challenges head-on and the joy one feels when they reach their goals. At Liberty Gymnastics, we believe that only through achieving together can we reach our fullest potential.


$119 / 4-week session (one day a week)

$194 / 4-week session (two days a week)

$253 / 4-week session (three days a week)

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