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Liberty Gymnastics wants to help your children THRIVE during the challenging new era of distance learning that begins this fall.


That’s why we launched Learn with Liberty: Virtual Preschool, an online supplementary education program for children from age 4 through age 5, and Learn with Liberty: School Camp, an in-person supplementary program for children from age 5 ½ - 10!

Learn with Liberty - Virtual Preschool -

Learn with Liberty: Virtual Preschool

At Learn with Liberty: Virtual Preschool, children will be taught by Coach Marc! Our fun and engaging classes will incorporate fundamental reading skills, California P.E. standards, and supplemental activities.


This is a 45-minute virtual class held on Mondays at 1:30pm.

Price: $65 / 4-week session

Join our beloved Coach Marc for a fun-filled exploration of reading readiness, vocabulary, math, movement, balance, state physical education standards, rhythm, music and more. Coach Marc will engage your children's bodies, stimulate their minds and keep them laughing while they learn!


Our Virtual Preschool program uses the "Roll Into Reading" curriculum that emphasizes literacy-based motor activities. Your child will love exploring "Abiyoyo," Pete Seeger's story song that has delighted generations of parents and children, while they learn through auditory, visual and kinesthetic-motor processing.

Please note these are virtual sessions offered online through Zoom.

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  • English Reading Standards for Literature, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

  • California P.E. Standards, including demonstration of motor skills, movement patterns, and movement concepts.

  • Music-based activities, including recognition of specific instruments, understanding of rhythm, beat, and tempo.


  • Students must be age 4 - 5
    *This program is designed for children who are eligible for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) within their school district.

  • Classes will be held on Mondays at 1:30pm.

  • Parents and guardians will be able to access this class through Zoom.


"Our daughter has been working with Coach Marc for about a year. He interacts beautifully with the children and his students clearly adore and respect him. Always a smile on his face, with the perfect balance of discipline and goofiness, Marc is the reason we brave rush hour Bay Area traffic multiple times a week. He cares about his students and his profession, and we could not be happier with our choice."

- David Zlotnick

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Learn with Liberty: School Camp

Learn with Liberty: School Camp is a childcare program that provides a clean safe space for children ages 5 ½ - 10 to attend their virtual classes and receive schoolwork support from Liberty's Learning Coaches. Participants will also stay active in our large, state-of-the-art facility with arts & crafts, group games, and other enriching activities!

School Camp will be held from 8am - 1pm each day.

Price (4-week sessions):

$795 - Monday through Friday

$545 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday

$395 - Tuesday & Thursday

Bring your 5 ½ - 10 year old kids to Liberty for four weeks of highly engaging, well-rounded learning sessions. Each session will allow time for your child to complete their studies with one-on-one assistance from our fantastic Learning Coaches!


Sessions will also feature theme-based multi-disciplinary instruction, group learning activities, reading time, arts & crafts and lots of movement to help keep your kids physically and mentally fit!

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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

  • Students and Staff will undergo a COVID-19 screening test before entering the facility.

  • Students will be placed into groups of up to 10 children to allow appropriate distancing.

  • Learning Coaches will wear a face mask at all times.


*For complete details on our COVID-19 Safety Protocols, click here.


  • Students must be ages 5 ½ - 10

  • This camp will be held from 8am - 1pm each day.

  • Children will need to bring their own laptop computers, a headset, their virtual login information (along with times they need to be logged in), their schoolwork, school supplies, writing tools, snacks & lunch.

  • Parents and guardians may watch their children at our facility by using Spot TV, our remote viewing app.  


California P.E. Standards

for Learn With Liberty: Virtual Preschool



  • 1.4 Create shapes at high, medium and low levels by using hands, arms, torso, feet and legs in a variety of combinations

  • 1.5 Create shapes by using non-locomotor movements

  • 1.6 Balance on one, two, three, four, and five body parts.

  • 1.7 Balance while walking forward and sideways on a narrow, elevated surface

  • 1.16 Perform locomotor and non-locomotor movements to a steady beat.

  • 1.17 Clap in time to a simple, rhythmic beat. 

  • 2.1 Explain the difference between under and over, behind and in front of, next to and through, up and down, forward and backward, and sideways


1st Grade:

  • 1.6 Balance oneself, demonstrating momentary stillness, in symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes using body parts other than both feet as a base of support.

  • 1.3 Change speeds in response to tempos, rhythms, and signals while traveling in straight, curved, and zigzag pathways, using the following locomotor movements: walking, running, leaping, hopping, jumping, galloping, sliding and skipping.

  • 1.22 Create or imitate movement in response to rhythms and music

  • 2.1 Identify the right and left sides of the body and movement from right to left and left to right.