COVID-19 Safety Overview

Hello Liberty Families,

Over the past few months, we have worked closely with the Contra Costa County (CCC) Health Department to develop a multi-phased, extremely cautious reopening plan that meets or exceeds all applicable COVID-19 guidelines.

We have prepared a manual that documents the extensive changes we have made to the gym and to our operations to make Liberty Gymnastics a safe space for your child. Please click here to view the manual. 


A comprehensive overview of our COVID-19 Safety Protocols are shown below:

Keeping it Clean

We have implemented a comprehensive set of social distancing and cleanliness protocols to ensure that Liberty Gymnastics remains a safe & healthy space for your child!

We have:

  • Added social distancing marks outside and inside the gym. 

  • Installed hand washing/sanitation stations outside the Building A and B entrances.

  • Minimized surface touching opportunities by:

    • Installing foot-activated openers for the main entrance doors.

    • Installing tissue dispensers for opening bathroom doors.

    • Installing touchless bathroom faucets and light switches.

    • Adding disposable cups to the water filling stations.

  • Installed acrylic cough shields at the Welcome Center.

  • Separated Gym A and Gym B into rooms.  Only one group will use each room at a time, and we will sanitize rooms between uses.

  • Reconfigured gym equipment placement to ensure a minimum of six feet of separation between each apparatus.

  • Assigned a dedicated locker/cubby/storage location for each gymnast to store personal gear to eliminate shared storage and mixing of groups.

  • Installed cleaning stations near each rotation area with hand sanitizer, tissues, gloves, cleaning towels, disinfectant sprayer and garbage can.

Watch our new touchless faucets in action!

(Speakers ON to hear Joe's commentary)

Joe on scaffold.jpeg
Joe at front doors.jpeg

We have been scrubbing, patching, painting, updating and scrubbing some more to make the gym as welcoming (and sparkly clean!) as possible for your return!


Face masks are required at all times (except when eating or drinking) for all students and staff.

Class Changes


We are limiting the total number of children each coach will work with to 12 for a minimum 3 week period as recommended by the Contra Costa County's stable group guidelines. Following these recommendations, our former Preschool and Recreational Gymnastics Class programs have been modified in the form of Camps. 

In order to better facilitate social distancing, we have also reduced the maximum number of students allowed in a group at one time. Our Recreational Mini-Camps will have a maximum number of 6 students per group, and our Hatchlings & Sparrows Mini-Camps will have a maximum number of 4 students per group.

  • Each coach will be limited to working with a maximum number of 12 students in his/her cohort.  The cohort could consist of a coach having two Rec Camps with 6 students (12 total) each or 3 Preschool Camps with 4 students (12 total).

  • Coaches will remain working solely with these 12 students over a minimum 4-week period to ensure group stability.

  • Enrollment/Transition Periods are the first week of each session. New children may join a camp during this enrollment period.  Special approval is needed to change from one camp to another outside of the enrollment/transition period in order to confirm proper cohorting conditions are maintained.  

  • A minimum 15-minute break will be scheduled between Camps to allow Liberty staff members to clean and sanitize workout areas thoroughly.

Lizzy on floor.jpeg

Staggered Arrival Times

To minimize group overlap and interaction when entering the facility, class start times may be staggered by at least 15 minutes. Students will have a 15 minute window to arrive for class (5 minutes before and 10 minutes after start time).


Any student that arrives more than 10 minutes AFTER the scheduled start of his/her class will not be allowed to enter that day. Students that arrive earlier than 5 minutes before class will be asked to stay in their car until 5 minutes before class start time.

Symptom Check

Parents and students must self check for symptoms BEFORE entering the Liberty Gymnastics facilities by answering our COVID-19 Screening Questions each day. Students may participate in class ONLY if they pass our COVID-19 Screening questions symptom checklist. Our COVID-19 Screening questions will be posted on a sandwich board at the entrance to the hand washing station. Copies of our COVID-19 Screening questions are available upon request.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Students with underlying medical conditions that make them more vulnerable to a COVID-19 or coronavirus infection must not participate in Liberty classes without the written permission of a doctor. If your child has any such conditions, please inform Liberty promptly, and provide Liberty with written permission from your doctor, as well as any additional precautions that should be taken for your child's health and safety.

Social Distancing

Students will maintain a distance of at least 6' from all other persons in their class. Liberty Gymnastics will be operating in a social distancing environment but even with the best efforts and intentions there will be times when the students and coaches will breach the 6' distancing recommendation.


Our teaching and coaching staff will spot (physically assist) when circumstances require it. Spotting our students is often necessary in order to teach skills safely, help students perform skills correctly, and prevent injury. Direct assistance will also be provided in the event of an injury.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Liberty Gymnastics will follow reasonable cleaning/sanitation practices and follow orders/guidelines provided by CCC Health Department. Cleaning stations have been set up throughout the gym to facilitate regular hand sanitizing and area/equipment sanitizing. Gym areas and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized during the 15 minute break between classes. Common areas such as cubbies, bathrooms and the welcome center will be cleaned and sanitized routinely.

Options for Watching Practice

Parents, we are counting on YOU to help us keep the gym as safe as possible for your children!

We have removed all customer seating and tables, and created new ways for you to watch practice

Spot TV is an app-based technology that allows you to watch your children in the gym remotely – from the parking lot, across town or across the country! (Properly authorized family members can watch your children, too).

To install Spot TV:

  • Desktop Computer: Click here, then click "My Account" to register.

  • iPhone: Search for "Spot TV Family" in the App Store.

  • Android Phone: Search for "Spot TV" in the Play Store.

After you register for Spot TV, we will validate your registration and integrate your account with Jackrabbit. This is a security measure that restricts Spot TV users to viewing their children's classes only. You'll receive an e-mail when your registration is complete.

Weather permitting, we will open roll-up doors to enable you to view practice from outside the gym. We have installed nylon-mesh half walls at each roll up door to prevent entering or exiting the gym.

Spot TV Logo.png
Nylon half walls.jpeg

New nylon half walls allow parents to view practice from outside the gym.

We hope you appreciate the extreme care we are taking to adapt to COVID-19, and greatly appreciate your help in making this transition go as smoothly as possible. Our #1 priority is the safety & well-being of you & your children. We can’t wait to welcome you back to the gym!


Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Alethea & Joe

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